October 2021

Driving Instructor In York

Features – North Lane Roundabout

Because the principles suggest using left lane for straight, but right lane for third exit of four, it is not clear at this point which lane to use on approach, and therefore also on the roundabout itself. Consequently, let’s then follow the principle of slowing down to gather further information.

Arrow shaped (Pointy) signs are placed at the juntion

Features – North Lane From A64

This arrow shaped sign (I often refer to them as pointy signs) should be placed at or opposite the actual junction, making it easier to identify the location of the junction from a distance.

Take care to process all relevant information

Features : Hopgrove – A1237 to A1036 (Malton Road)

Whether following Sat nav or road signs during the independent driving part of the test, or just following the examiner’s directions as normal, we need to acknowledge before arrival at the roundabout that we are taking the third exit, heading towards York, essentially turning right.