What do my previous clients say about me? Read on to find out…

“Deej was recommended to me by my sister and I have no regrets about my decision, because he is a very experienced and friendly instructor to learn with. I never felt unsafe for a single moment with him in either the passenger or driving seat, equally he’s not afraid to challenge you when he knows you can handle it. He doesn’t just teach you how to past a test, he makes sure (with unwavering enthusiasm) that you can really drive.”
Brigit, York

“After a bad experience with another instructor and never wanting to drive again, I took the plunge and booked with Deej, it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. He is very calm, professional and made lessons fun. As an older learner I was very nervous and lacked the confidence of a younger person but after a few lessons and gentle pushing of my comfort boundaries I started to enjoy driving. Deej not only teaches you too pass a test but also teaches you to actually drive safely and confidently. I would highly recommend him to others.”
Michelle, York – from Google Reviews

“Deej is a truly excellent teacher, who is patient, reliable and highly-experienced. If you are looking for shortcuts or a ‘fast track’ to passing your test, Deej is not the instructor for you; whereas, if you are looking for an instructor who will prepare you for skilled and safe driving for life, I could not recommend him more highly.”
Oliver, York  

“I can’t quite remember how I found Deej 13 years ago but I’m so glad that I did. He has taught all 5 of my children, 3 of them passing first time! I would definitely recommend Deej as a driving instructor – he’s great!”
Lorna, Elvington

“Deej taught myself and all four of my siblings how to drive and was a great teacher for all of us. He is an excellent instructor with a great balance of patience and strictness, knowing exactly what I was capable of. Deej has such a knowledge of cars and has a brilliant way of teaching it!”
Emma, Elvington

“I would recommend anyone who is wanting to learn to drive to book with Deej. Great patience and understanding, 10/10 would be an understatement. “
Stewart, Kirk Hammerton

“I could not have had a better trainer than Deej. He’s brilliant! He prepared me so well for each stage of the qualification process and even now, five years into the job, he’s always there on the end of the phone to give me solid advice when I need it. He’s infinitely patient, very kind, totally professional but loads of fun too and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s a great guy and a valued friend for life!”
Anne, Approved Driving Instructor, Stearsby

“I’ve never had any desire to learn to drive (quite the opposite – I hated the idea!) so knew it was going to have to be someone quite exceptional to encourage me to take lessons. Finally at 26, I very sceptically booked one lesson with Deej purely because there was an offer on at the time so I thought I could just waste £11 instead of much more to find out if it was for me or not! I never thought I would continue to take lessons, but Deej was brilliant and not only encouraged me to carry on, but got me through my test first time within 4 months, advised me on a car to buy (something I never thought I would own!), and gave me the confidence to make a 4 hour journey down the M1 by myself on a Friday evening during rush hour, only hours after having passed! I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone (and often do!).”
Sarah, Fulford

“Deej was a fantastic driving instructor – clear and patient considering I was quite nervous. Very friendly and flexible to work around schedules. Couldn’t have done it without him.”
Rachel, Askhan Bryan

“I feel I’ve learnt lots already, Deej is a Fantastic Instructor and has made me realise I can do this after 10 years of feeling “I’m too afraid of trying it again!”
From feeling nervous for a straight week before my first lesson, to now looking forward to the next lesson, for me…is simply a miracle.
Its down to Deej – so THANKS, Your teaching skills really are BRILLIANT!”
Rebecca, Dringhouses

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Peter, Deej. We really appreciate all your efforts (and patience)
Very best wishes,”
Ken, Carole & Peter, York

“I couldn’t have passed without you, I’ve learnt so much. Thank you!
I’ll see you again soon, Thanks for everything”
Tasha, Sheriff Hutton

“A huge thank you from me too, for all your patience with Tasha, and all your help and advice. I’ve also learnt a lot from you via her!
I’m so glad I found your website, and we were very lucky you could take her on. I knew at once that she was in the best possible hands, which gave me peace of mind.
Now for Pass Plus!
Thanks again for everything,”
Rosemary (Tasha’s Mum)

“Hi Deej,
Thank you very much for teaching me to drive 🙂
I went out on my own for the first time today; Well I went shopping with my sister and I realised I can drive! Like I can actually drive! You don’t really know if you can until you get in on your own. I even got onto my driveway really well. My sister said she felt really safe and my driving was brill so I am happy 🙂
What will I do with my monday mornings!?”
Hannah, Long Marston

“Thank you so much for all your help and support for the last couple of months. I couldn’t have done it without your help! You made my first time driving in York a memorable experience and I would proudly recommend you to anyone who is learning to drive.”
Steph, Acomb

“Thank you so much for all your help. You’ve been a brilliant and fun instructor that I have found so easy to get on with. I will miss our lessons each week.”
Rachel, York

“She rang me straight away buzzin! She really enjoyed it – you made her feel good about her driving.”
– text received from Jade’s mum after first lesson – Jade had trained elsewhere but wasn’t satisfied with her previous instructor.

“Thank you for everything – thanks to you I didn’t give up and I finally passed. I enjoyed my lessons so much.”
Jade, York

“Thanks so much Deej for being such a patient and fun driving instructor.
Learning to drive certainly did not come naturally to me, but Deej’s patience made our weekly 7am driving lessons enjoyable. At one point I never wanted to see a roundabout again, but Deej steadily sorted out my confusion. I’m so pleased that I passed first time and am looking forward to getting on the road!”
Alison, York

“I really enjoyed learning with Andrew. He taught me how to be a good driver but, more importantly, he taught me to trust my own judgement. The lessons were always a laugh as well!”
Amy, Oxford (York Uni)

“I was quite apprehensive about learning to drive having had bad experiences in the past. Luckily I had Deej recommended to me by a friend and was very quickly put at ease with his patient nature, good humour and methodical style of instruction. He very clearly laid out what was expected, how it related to the driving test and any peculiarities of the local roads that would make it more challenging. 
When mistakes occurred he emphasised remaining calm and driving safely and constantly reinforced this. Where he could he would wait until it was safe and calm to discuss what went wrong and why rather than jumping in straight away which I found very helpful. He paid close attention to how quickly my driving developed, planning the lessons accordingly so I never felt out of my depth and any weaknesses were constantly being worked on. 
All of this meant I was always challenged but never felt overwhelmed and ultimately overcame my anxieties and passed my test confidently.”
Toby, York

“Andrew is an excellent and experienced driving instructor and I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive! Our lessons were always calm and fun plus he has so many helpful stories of past students’ mistakes around York which I really learned a lot from. Andrew is fab, I really enjoyed our conversations and classes and I passed first time!”
Dominique, Wheldrake

“Not just an incredible driving instructor, but also a fantastic person as well. Deej is patient, encouraging and quite possibly the most knowledgeable person when it comes to driving practices. He doesn’t teach you to pass a test, he teaches you how to drive and that experience has been invaluable. My greatest thanks to you Deej!”
Kane, York – from Google Reviews

“Thanks for my first-ever driving lesson on Saturday – I really enjoyed it, and couldn’t stop talking about it when I got home! I was extremely nervous but you really put me at ease and gave me confidence I never thought I’d have. I’m already looking forward to my next lesson.”
Sue, Rawcliffe

Deej is a great driving instructor because of many reasons, he is friendly and easy to talk to. Deej will help you to progress with driving quickly and efficiently, whilst making you a great driver. I had some problems during the time I was learning to drive like breaking my wrist and covid, but Deej made it very easy to work around these things and was very reassuring during these times.
George, Askham Bryan

“I found the idea of learning to drive at the age of 39 a daunting prospect and wasn’t sure if I could do it. However, I took the plunge and had lessons with Deej.
Lessons with Deej were challenging, fun and comprehensive. I found I progressed steadily, gaining all the necessary skills at a good pace. I can highly recommend learning to drive with Deej.”
Leigh, York

“I tried with two different instructors before university and failed with both. I tried again with Deej 8 years later and passed first time with only one minor fault. The main difference is that Deej actually teaches you how to drive rather than just how to pass a test.”
Tom, York

“Deej has been an absolutely fantastic instructor; funny, kind and patient. I had to move away before I could take my test which was so sad, as he would have been so proud. I would recommend him to all my friends and family, he’s ace!”
Fran, previously of York

“Hi Deej,
Just to update you on my driving progress…
Enjoyed pottering around here in Norfolk with Mick, driving when I felt like it. He then slipped in the mud and hurt his arm. Nothing serious but then I had to drive!
Norfolk to Lincoln then York – minor roads to motorways. I could hear your voice “put your foot on the gas” and “slow down on approach to roundabouts”
Not perfect by any means but safely home. Thanks Deej”
Katherine, York
(Katherine returned to driving after 30 years off)

“I passed my driving test! 🙂 Yes just got me! :p
Thank you for teaching me! But proves you’re a very good and patient instructor! Will put your name about, promise!
Thank you :D”
Lizzie, York

“I just wanted to say thank you for your patience and calm guidance – even when dangerously close to ploughing into other cars!”
Annie, York St John

“Just want to let you know that I have enjoyed my driving lessons with you, I really have!
You have pushed me and challenged me, and have not put up with my tantrums!
Without you I would not have reached my goal, so again, thank you!”
Sam, Wetherby

“Significant research was undertaken to locate a first rate driving instructor to launch my 17 year old son’s driving career. D-G Driver Training was finally selected after a thorough selection process. As a result of an excellent structured training programme the level of competence my son has achieved is first rate and I am confident this will underwrite his safety on Britain’s roads for years to come.
I firmly believe D-G Driver Training is one of the best driving schools in North Yorkshire.”
Lester, Nun Monkton

“I started learning with Deej after being let down by another instructor, and immediately noticed the difference.
Deej has a positive, good-humoured and engaging approach to teaching which makes lessons fun and stress-free. I have already happily recommended him to a friend, who is also enjoying his lessons immensely.”
Dorinda, York
“(PS. Hi Deej, got my proper licence in the post, well chuffed. Couldn’t have done it without you, so cheers!)”

“Just wanna say a huge thank you again! I couldn’t have passed without you! Thanks again and long live the T H Technique.”
Tessa, York

“Passed my ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) Part 2 Test today at the first attempt. The Chief Examiner congratulated me on my “very nice drive.” I would like to thank you for your value for money, individually tailored tuition and support .
Part 3 here I come…”