Training During COVID-19

COVID19 – Please Read This

Safety Measures With regards to COVID19

I will be following the National Association Strategic Partnership (NASP) Guidelines, which are in line with the Government and HSE Regulations. You (and your parents if you are under 18) will need to read and agree to these Guidelines (below) in order to take driving lessons with me.
Please understand these measures will be in place for both my safety and yours.

Both of us, (you the pupil and myself the instructor) need to consider three main things before agreeing to start lessons:

1) if we have any symptoms
2) if we fall into higher risk groups
3) if we have family members who are moderate to high risk.

Before a lesson I will ask you to:
– Wash your hands for 20 seconds before leaving the house
– Use hand sanitiser when asked to do so

During a lesson I will ask you to:
– Have windows partially open where possible
– Do not wear gloves

Before the lesson begins, I will:
– Use hand sanitiser and offer you hand sanitiser
– Confirm that the car controls have been wiped down after the previous lesson and after I have driven the car

During the lessons I will:
– Have windows partially open where feasible

Face Masks
Use of face masks is now optional. If you wish to wear a face mask for lessons then I totally respect that and I’m happy to wear one as well. If you’d rather go without then that’s fine too.