Terms And Conditions of Training

DG Driver Training – Terms and Conditions of Training

I, Andrew De-Giorgio, will:

  1. Treat you with respect and consideration and behave at all times in a professional manner.
  2. Avoid physical contact except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting.
  3. Not act in any way which contravenes legislation or discrimination.
  4. Teach you the correct driving skills according to the DVSA’s recommended syllabus.
  5. Ensure that her knowledge and skills on all matters relating to the provision of driver training comply with current practice and legislative requirements through regular CPD (Continuous Professional Development).
  6. Make available upon request a copy of the ADI Code of Practice together with the Terms of Business.
  7. Provide a properly maintained, dual controlled car tuition vehicle with (where applicable) L-plates that meet the required legislation for learner drivers.
  8. Carry the appropriate motor insurance should you cause an accident as a learner whilst driving the tuition vehicle while accompanied either by Andrew De-Giorgio or a DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Examiner.
  9. Safeguard and account for any monies paid in advance by you, with details available on request.
  10. Endeavour to be on time subject to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control.
  11. Endeavour to give at least 48 hours’ notice if I wish to cancel a driving lesson subject to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control.
  12. Make an attempt to contact you in the event of you not showing up for a lesson. If I am not able to contact you I will wait for 15 minutes, after which time if you still haven’t shown up the lesson will be deemed to be cancelled at short notice and will be payable in full.
  13. Check your entitlement to drive the vehicle and your ability to read a number plate at the statutory distance on the first lesson.
  14. Reserve the right to withhold further tuition on safety grounds.
  15. Reserve the right to withhold further tuition without providing a reason.
  16. Advise you when to apply for your theory and practical driving tests, taking account of local waiting times and forecast of your potential for achieving the driving test pass standard. Please see DG Driver Training Driving Test Policy.
  17. Reserve the right to withhold the use of the driving school car for the driving test if we have not agreed your driving meets the required standard. Where possible sufficient notice will be given to avoid loss of the DVSA test fee.
  18. Ensure that on the test day the vehicle is roadworthy and meets the requirements for driving tests as published by the DVSA.

You, the client, will:

  1. Hold a valid provisional licence and produce your licence for verification at your first lesson.
  2. Check that your eyesight meets the legal requirement for driving.
  3. Pay for each lesson before or at the start of the lesson.
    • Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer (details upon request)
    • If you are not able to pay at or before the start of the lesson, the lesson will be deemed to be cancelled with short notice and the full lesson fee will be due before the next lesson. In the event of full payment not being made before the next booked lesson, I reserve the right to cancel all future lessons.
  4. Give at least 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel a driving lesson, otherwise you will be liable for the lesson fee in respect of that lesson.
  5. Engage in regular weekly lessons, subject to occasional absence due to holiday or illness.
    • You will risk losing the lesson slot if you cancel regularly or repeatedly, generally (but not restricted to) more than three lessons within any three month period.
    • If repeated absence is unavoidable then you may be asked to pay for missed lessons in order to retain your lesson slot.
  6. Ensure you are in a fit state to drive and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Endeavour to be on time for lessons subject to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control.
  8. In the event of tyre damage caused by inaccurate steering (for example hitting kerbs or potholes), you will pay the current charge for a two hour lesson towards the cost of the replacement tyre.
  9. Pay the insurance excess of £150 in the unlikely event of you, the responsible driver, causing damage to the tuition vehicle during your DVSA Practical Driving Test.
  10. Raise any complaint with Andrew De-Giorgio in the first instance; if an agreement cannot be reached, you may seek further guidance from the Trading Standards Office, Citizens Advice Bureau or the ADI Registrar.