Test Policy

DG Driver Training – Policy Concerning Driving Tests

Booking Your Theory Test

Most clients just get on and study for their theory test and take it when they feel they are ready (you cannot book a practical driving test until you have passed your theory test). I’m happy to help with study if required – normal lesson charges will apply. I advise using the official DVSA Theory Test App – but in any event, make certain it’s not one of the free apps you use; these do not contain all the information you need.
When studying for the driving theory test, I recommend you work through the study section (if present) before going to the practise questions section, and take care to devote sufficient time to the Hazard Perception training too.

If you are struggling to pass the multiple choice questions and need a boost, talk to me about an intensive way to study that will almost guarantee a pass!

Booking Your Practical Driving Test

I will advise when I think it is appropriate to book your Practical Driving Test, based on DVSA guidelines; essentially, this can be summed up as “book when you are ready (or very nearly ready) for test.”

The long wait time for tests is currently largely due to people booking before they are ready, then either not showing up at all, cancelling or simply going to test and failing causing the need to re-book.

However as the driving test is between you and the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) you are at liberty to book your practical driving test whenever you wish following passing your driving theory test.

Taking Your Driving Test

If we agree that you are ready to go for test then you may use the DG Driver Training Tuition Vehicle (normal lesson charges apply) or if you have use of an alternative vehicle that meets the DVSA requirements then you may use that vehicle instead. If you wish me to accompany you to test in your own vehicle then normal lesson charges will apply.

Withholding Use Of My Tuition Vehicle

In the event us not agreeing that your driving meets the standard required to take your driving test, I reserve the right to withhold use of my car in accordance with DVSA guidelines.

Should you wish to go ahead anyway, (whilst I advise against it, I won’t fall out with you if you choose to do this) then you must provide an alternative vehicle that meets requirements as specified by the DVSA and find someone other than myself who is qualified and willing to accompany you to your test.