Driving Lessons in York and Yorkshire with driving instructor Andrew (Deej) De-Giorgio
D-G Driver Training

Working with the AA Driving School
York Based Driving School - 07710 227763


Following a DVSA announcement on Thursday 25th June 2020,
I will be resuming driving lessons from Monday 13th July 2020

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Driving Lessons and Driving School in York

  • Driving Lessons in York and surrounding areas
  • Learn from the driving instructor who trains instructors!

After two horrible experiences with two other instructors I was able to resign myself to the fact that I was not going to learn how to drive. After hearing about Deej from work colleagues I decided to give it a final go!! The difference was truly amazing in his driving style compared to my past experience. Deej let's you learn at your own pace but still challenges you when needed. He makes you think for yourself and makes you figure out ways how to get out of situations .... Giving you the confidence to make decisions yourself in preparation for driving as an independent driver. He is funny and super calm .... He teaches you how to drive not just pass a test. I cannot recommend him enough or say enough!! He's a fab teacher!!
Anna, York

Why go to another driving instructor, when you can join Deej and
the AA Driving School

  • Professional, expert, friendly instruction and coaching from fully qualified driving instructor
  • Learn with the instructor who trains instructors for the AA Driving School
  • Driving lessons with collection and drop off at your door
  • Learn in a Ford Focus
  • Modern, Proven, Coaching-based training - YOU decide how fast you learn
  • Trained with both AA Driving School and Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy
  • Intensive courses available
  • Evening and weekend lessons available
  • Driving lessons are one-to-one (no pick-up or drop off of other pupils during your time)
  • Block booking discounts when paid in advance.

The point of taking driving lessons isn't just to pass a test. You want to learn to drive safely and competently and of course independantly, because once you pass your test and start driving by yourself, there won't be anyone to tell you what you need to do. With this in mind, at DG Driver Training, Deej will help you gain the understanding required to make your own decisions right from your very first lesson.
There are many stories about driving instructors dragging out the training, stories about driving schools and independant driving instructors taking your money with little interest in you but D-G Driver Training is different. Checkout the Testimonials to see what others think...

Covering the following post codes:
LS22, LS23, LS24
YO1, YO10, YO19, YO23, YO24, YO26, YO30, YO31, YO32

Lesson Prices
2 Hour Lessons
(all lessons)

Basic Hourly Rate

Pre-Pay Discount
6 hours for £168
8 hours for £224
10 hours for £280
All prices correct on 01/02/2020
Prices out of York may vary between locations;
Call to check on 07710 227763


Standard :
1 x 2-hour lesson per week
Fast Track :
2 x 2-hour lessons per week
Intensive :
5 x 2-hour lessons per week

Other :
Call or email to discuss requirements

07710 227763



COVID19 - Please Read This

In line with a DVSA announcement on Thursday 25th June 2020, I will be resuming driving lessons from Monday 13th July 2020

Safety Measures With regards to COVID19, I will be following the National Association Strategic Partnership (NASP) Guidelines, which are in line with the Government and HSE Regulations. You (and your parents if you are under 18) will need to read and agree to these Guidelines (below) in order to resume lessons with me.
Please understand these measures will be in place for both my safety and yours.

Both of us, (you the pupil and myself the instructor) need to consider three main things before agreeing to start lessons:

1) if we have any symptoms
2) if we fall into higher risk groups
3) if we have family members who are moderate to high risk.

Before a lesson I will ask you to:
- Confirm that you and those you live with have had no symptoms for the last 7 days
- - if, half an hour before your lesson I have not received a response, the lesson will be deemed to be cancelled.
- Wash your hands for 20 seconds before leaving the house
- Use hand sanitiser when asked to do so
During a lesson I will ask you to:
- Wear clothing that covers as much of you as possible
- Avoid touching your face during the lesson
- Have windows partially open where possible
- Wear a face-mask
- Do not wear gloves

Before the lesson begins, I will:
- Message you to confirm we are both symptom-free
- Meet you outside the car
- Use hand sanitiser and offer you hand sanitiser
- Confirm that the car controls have been wiped down after the previous lesson and after I have driven the car

During the lessons I will:
- Wear clothing that covers as much of me as possible
- Avoid touching my face
- Have windows partially open where feasible
- Wear a face-mask.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get my old lesson slot?
Where possible I will fit clients in with the lesson slot they had when lock down began.

Can I change from my previous lesson slot?
If you wish to move to a different lesson slot, I will endeavour to arrange this for you, subject to the desired slot already being taken.

I didn't have a regular slot - how will you fit me in?
For those that had irregular lessons, or hadn't yet started lessons with me, I will endeavour to fit you in at a mutually convenient time once all my regular slots are arranged.

Do I have to wear a face mask?
Yes. As I am diabetic I am classed as clinically vulnerable. With both of us wearing face-masks, the risk of contagion reduces dramatically. If you do not want to wear a face mask you will need to wait until the situation improves further or move to another instructor.

My driving test was cancelled due to COVID19 - can I rebook?
The DVSA are giving priority to everyone that had a test cancelled by the DVSA and you should be hearing from them soon with regards to re-booking.

I'm concerned there will be a long waiting list - can I book my driving test now?
You may book your test yourself as soon as the DVSA opens up the booking system, however my policy on taking people for test in my car is simple;
If we do not agree you are ready for test then you do not go for test in my car.
As ever, readiness for test will be discussed and assessed objectively. My advice is wait until we agree you are ready, or at least very nearly ready before booking your test. This has always been my policy and has not changed.

I'm going away to University - will I get a test before then?
Honest answer - I don't know. The timing of your test is subject to DVSA test availability and you being ready. You may wish to consider waiting until you return, or finding an instructor to learn with whilst away at university.

Can I reduce lessons to one every two weeks?
If you do not wish to have a weekly slot then you may book on an ad-hoc basis, into any slots available. I cannot afford to reserve a weekly slot if you do not intend to use it on a weekly basis - of course there will be exceptions for reasonable absences due to holidays and sickness.

What happens now?
If you wish to resume/start driving lessons with me;
Please contact me via text or Whatsapp on 07710 227763 declaring that you are happy to comply with the safety measures as detailed above.

Following this I will contact you and arrange a time slot with you accordingly, to start on or after 13th July.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and co-operation
I look forward to training with you again soon

Best regards,